Clean air plan ‘ambitious but vague’

Image copyright Reuters The number of people exposed to high particle pollution will be halved by 2025 if government plans are realised. There will be an attempt to curb smoke from solid fuel fires and wood-burners; pollution from diesel machinery will be reduced. Farmers, who have largely evaded pollution controls so far, will be told […]

UK News

More Car Share? ‘Never say never’, says Sian

With the apparent finale of Peter Kay’s Car Share airing over the upcoming bank holiday, its star Sian Gibson has revealed it could return. When asked ahead of next Monday’s broadcast if it really is the “last-ever Car Share”, the actress and writer replied: “Never say never.” Many fans hope Monday’s episode will see John […]

US & World

The Gambian village transformed by graffiti

In a bid to lure tourists, internationally-renowned graffiti artists were invited to create artworks in a village in The Gambia, writes the BBC’s Clare Spencer. Image copyright Clare Spencer The Belgian graffiti artist ROA is known for painting huge murals of animals on multi-storey buildings in large cities, like London, Berlin and Mexico City. But […]


Who is to blame for ‘self-driving car’ deaths?

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Walter Huang, 38, was killed in a crash while using Tesla’s Autopilot function The confusion between fully autonomous self-driving cars and those that simply offer driver assistance technologies is leading to deaths on the road. Who is to blame and what should be done about it? Self-driving cars already exist […]