‘Wild West’ Bitcoin ‘should be regulated’

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Cryptocurrencies' trading prices have been extremely volatile Bitcoin and other digital currencies are a "Wild West industry" and need to be regulated to protect investors, a committee of MPs has urged.Problems include volatile prices, minimal consumer protection and risks of hacking and money-laundering, says the Treasury Committee.The committee said there were no well-functioning crypto-currencies and preferred to call them "crypto-assets".It urged City watchdog,

Millions overcharged for mobile contracts

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters About four million people have been charged for mobile phones they already own, spending £500m extra on contracts, according to Citizens Advice.Three of Britain's biggest mobile networks, EE, Three and Vodafone, continue to charge for handsets even after the cost has been paid off.Many customers have no idea they are being charged for phones after their contracts have ended. The practice is "unacceptable", said Citizens Advice

Qantas mulls plane gyms as prepares for 20-hour flights

[ad_1] Image copyright QANTAS Image caption Qantas already operates non-stop flights between London and Perth Australian airline Qantas has said it is considering putting gyms on the planes making its planned non-stop flights between London and Sydney.A bar, creche, sleeping areas and berths are also being considered for the 20 hour flight, it said.The airline wants to launch the service from 2022, and has asked Boeing and Airbus to suggest

Facebook job ads ‘discriminated by gender’

[ad_1] Image copyright Facebook Image caption These ads were among those directed only at men on Facebook, according to the complaint Van driving, roofing, police work - all jobs for men. At least, that’s what a cluster of job ads placed on Facebook seemed to suggest. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Tuesday submitted a complaint to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging that Facebook’s advertising system

SeaWorld and ex-boss to pay $5m to settle fraud claim

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters Image caption SeaWorld ended its controversial orca breeding programme in 2016 SeaWorld and its former boss have agreed to pay more than $5m to settle claims they misled investors over the impact of documentary film Blackfish.The firm and James Atchison downplayed the effect on the firm's reputation and business, the US regulator said. The 2013 US film was about a performing killer whale at the marine
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Newspaper headlines: ‘Russian model’s terror’ in Salisbury and dementia pollution link

[ad_1] Newspaper headlines: 'Russian model's terror' in Salisbury and dementia pollution link By BBC News Staff Image caption The Daily Mail says a major study has suggested that air pollution could be responsible for 60,000 cases of dementia in the UK. It reports that scientists found people living in areas polluted by traffic and industry were 40% more likely to develop dementia. Image caption "Dementia threat soars in areas hit

People’s Vote says ‘multiple opportunities’ for Brexit referendum

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters MPs will have "multiple" opportunities to give the public the final say over whether the UK leaves the EU, the People's Vote campaign group has said.Theresa May has ruled out a referendum on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations under any circumstances.But People's Vote said there were six plausible scenarios in which Parliament could legislate for another vote.It said there should be a choice for voters

India, Pakistan clash amid much anticipation, fervour

[ad_1] The prolonged wait is over. The moment that you were waiting for, irrespective of nationality, as genuine cricket fans, is here. It does not have any ramification on the Asia Cup. It will not have any bearing on the standings or venues for the next stage. Still, who cares? It's India versus Pakistan. That too in the Gulf.  The setting may not be the famed Sharjah but come Wednesday the Dubai
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Last year, 50k Indians got US citizenship, 2nd to Mexicans | India News

[ad_1] MUMBAI: Even as the American dream is souring for many immigrants and those aspiring to become US citizens are now finding it tougher, Indians seem to be getting the softer end of the stick. While there was a decline in the aggregate number of individuals who obtained US naturalisation (a drop of 6% in FY2017), it was a different story for India and Mexico. According to data released recently