‘Super-sized’ mice threaten seabird colonies with extinction

[ad_1] Image copyright Ben Dilley Image caption A Tristan albatross on Gough Island: Their future is now at risk Super-sized mice are killing millions of seabird chicks on a remote island in the South Atlantic, threatening some rare species with extinction. According to a study from the RSPB, the mice have learned to eat the eggs and chicks of the many millions of birds that make Gough Island their home.The
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Charity call for Scots ‘right to rehab’

[ad_1] Image copyright Spl Image caption The charity said there were 124,000 Scots living with the impact of a stroke A charity has said chest, heart and stroke patients in Scotland should have a "right to rehab" to help them rebuild their lives after diagnosis.Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland said that currently about one in five patients were not getting the support that should be available to them.They have called

‘The market dictates the product we sell’

[ad_1] GoPros have sold round the world as simple, rugged cameras to be used on the move. However, they are different from the original model designed by the company's chief executive, Nick Woodman. He made a wrist-mounted camera to film himself surfing. It's the market, he says, which shapes the final product.Video journalist: Jeremy HowellSee more at CEO Secrets [ad_2] Source link
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Could big-game fishing return to the UK?

[ad_1] Image copyright Scarborough Museums Trust Image caption Lorenzo Mitchell Henry (left) with his British record catch, along with other prize fish landed off the Yorkshire coast Struggling to haul in a giant fish, Lorenzo Mitchell Henry finally reeled in a record-breaker, which weighed in at a mammoth 851lb (386kg).This monstrous beast, an Atlantic bluefin tuna, was not caught by the amateur angler off some far-flung shore, but near the

The £1.3bn finance firm that was conceived in a pub

[ad_1] Image copyright Funding Circle Image caption Samir Desai was 26 when he started plans for Funding Circle The BBC's weekly The Boss series profiles a different business leader from around the world. This week we speak to Samir Desai, founder of peer-to-peer lender Funding Circle.Friends often share money-making ideas over a few drinks in a pub, but it is not often that the scheme in question ends up creating

Budget 2018: Why is it so hard to spend money on roads and rail?

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images It's not easy getting big infrastructure projects finished, or even started.There have been discussions for decades on what to do about the volume of traffic on the A303 going past Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Proposals for a tunnel under the World Heritage Site were made in the mid-90s, with plans for a tunnel approved by the government in 2002.After years of protests, a public inquiry and

Budget 2018: Everything you need to know

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images What a way to start the week - settling down to watch one of the major events of the year that affects your finances.In his speech, the chancellor will announce the government's plans for tax and spending for the financial year which starts in April 2019.Here is your essential guide.When is the Budget?It is on Monday, 29 October, at about 15:30 GMT.Three aspects of the

Philip Morris accused of hypocrisy over anti-smoking ad

[ad_1] Image copyright solidcolours/Getty One of the world's biggest tobacco firms, Philip Morris, has been accused of "staggering hypocrisy" for launching a campaign encouraging smokers to quit.The Marlboro maker said the move was "an important next step" in its aim to "ultimately stop selling cigarettes". But Cancer Research said the firm was simply trying to promote its smoking alternatives, such as heated tobacco."This is a staggering hypocrisy", it said, pointing