Logan Paul ends daily YouTube vlog series

[ad_1] Image copyright YouTube Image caption Logan Paul's daily vlogs typically attract more than three million views Logan Paul - one of YouTube's most popular and controversial video-makers - has announced he will no longer release material on a "daily" basis.The 23-year-old began his Daily Vlogs series in September 2016, and has since built up an audience of 17 million subscribers.He said that his channel would survive, but that he

China shuts down Player Unknown cheat code gang

[ad_1] Image copyright PUBG Corporation Image caption The game is won by the player who survives the longest Chinese police have arrested 15 people suspected of creating cheat programs for the popular Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) game.The cheats helped people survive longer, aim more accurately and spot foes in the competitive shooting game.The 15 suspects have also been fined about 30m yuan (£3.45m) for profiting from the cheats.Chinese police are

Legal row over who owns domain

[ad_1] Image copyright Internet Archive Image caption The web address used to advertise travel packages but now redirects users to a French government site The French government is being sued over the way it has sought to take over the web domain.In 2015, France started legal action against Frenchman Jean-Noel Frydman, who had registered in 1994.Two years later, a French court ruled in France's favour and the government

Thwaites Glacier: Biggest ever Antarctic field campaign

[ad_1] Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionProf David Vaughan: "I believe this is the biggest field campaign ever run in Antarctica" It is going to be one of the biggest projects ever undertaken in Antarctica. UK and US scientists will lead a five-year effort to examine the stability of the mighty Thwaites Glacier. This ice stream in the west of the continent is comparable in size to
UK News

BBC News Channel – BBC News

[ad_1] Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.The BBC News Channel is available in the UK only. Don't forget, if you watch TV online as it's being broadcast, you need a TV Licence.You can send comments and pictures to the BBC News Channel by texting 61124, or emailing [ad_2] Source link

Are our online lives about to become ‘private’ again?

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images There's a strong chance you've recently seen an email or pop-up box offering "some important updates" about the way a social media company or website plans to use your data. Are we about to regain control of our personal information?In our increasingly connected world, data has come to be seen as something to buy and sell. Businesses offer personalised goods and services to consumers, raising

‘It’s a hacker’s paradise out there’

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Beware of connecting an aquarium to your computer network In what could have been the plot of a Hollywood heist movie, the hackers took great interest in the vast aquarium that a Las Vegas casino had installed in its lobby.The casino's owners thought that the huge fish tank was an impressive sight that helped create a classy ambience as people arrived.What they failed

How can you tell who’s won the local elections?

[ad_1] If you've been reading about the local elections, which take place in England on 3 May, you might have seen people talking about 'benchmarks' or suggesting numbers of seats that would count as a good result for each of the parties.But what do they mean? And should you pay any attention?The four-year cycleInterpreting local election results in England is not easy. For one thing, there's more than one kind

Health warnings after toxic caterpillar outbreak in London

[ad_1] Image copyright PA Image caption The Forestry Commission has issued a warning to steer clear of the toxic caterpillar An outbreak of toxic caterpillars that can cause asthma attacks, vomiting and skin rashes has descended on London, officials have warned.Oak processionary moths (OPM), which are in their larval stage, have been spotted across the south-east of England and in the capital.Hairs on the caterpillars can cause fevers and eye