Is Tesla heading for trouble?

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Tesla chief executive Elon Musk also runs the SpaceX rocket venture Tesla is facing more questions about its financial viability ahead of its latest results on Wednesday.The electric car-maker is facing a cash crunch, caused by a combination of a major debt load and heavy spending.Tesla boss Elon Musk says the firm could be profitable this year and dismissed concerns with an April

Letter from Africa: Thomas Mapfumo, Zimbabwe’s lion, roars for his fans

[ad_1] Image copyright AFP In our series of letters from Africa, journalist-turned-barrister Brian Hungwe reflects on the return from exile of Zimbabwean musician Thomas Mapfumo four months after Robert Mugabe's resignation as president.Known to his fans as the "Lion of Zimbabwe", Mapfumo has long been a figure of protest.His music was the soundtrack during the fight for independence and some of his songs were later banned by state-owned media under

Digital nomads: The new elite with no fixed abode

[ad_1] Image caption Jemma Porter is part of the digital nomad movement Why work in an office when you can sit by the beach? Armed with a laptop and an internet connection, a new generation of 'digital nomads' is taking their work on their travels around the world. But they are not always welcome. Jemma Porter and her boyfriend James Cave's journey began like many others when they became disillusioned

Why do young workers have so many injuries?

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Younger workers bear the highest burden of accidents, say researchers Health and safety at work can get ridiculed in more affluent countries as something nannyish and interfering - but for much of the developing world it is a matter of life and death.Unsafe workplaces have the kind of casualty rates more likely to be associated with going to war rather than earning a

InSight Diary: Mars mission ready to rumble

[ad_1] Image copyright Nasa/P.H.Corkery Image caption The InSight mission will investigate the interior structure and composition of Mars Prof Tom Pike from Imperial College London is part of the science team on the US-led InSight mission to Mars. His group has supplied seismometers that will enable the Nasa lander to detect "Marsquakes", which should reveal the internal structure of the Red Planet. Over the course of the coming months, Prof

Facebook F8: Zuckerberg’s dating service takes on Tinder

[ad_1] Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWATCH: How Facebook plans to disrupt internet dating Facebook's chief has said that 2018 has been an "intense year" for his firm.But Mark Zuckerberg also took the opportunity to unveil a dating service among other new products at his firm's annual F8 developers conference in San Jose, California.He told his audience that the match-making feature would take privacy issues in mind

Noel Conway case: Ill man ‘best judge’ of ‘undignified death’

[ad_1] Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionNoel Conway says he is positive about his case's chances A terminally ill man should not have to endure a "distressing and undignified" death because of the ban on assisted dying, the Court of Appeal has heard. Noel Conway, 68, of Shrewsbury, who has motor neurone disease, is challenging the current law on assisted suicide. He wants the right to enlist

Exeter university students expelled over racist comments

[ad_1] Image copyright University of Exeter Image caption When the investigation was launched the university said it was "committed to eradicating" any discrimination and harassment A number of law students have been expelled from the University of Exeter over allegations of racism.An internal investigation was launched in March after "vile" comments from Bracton law society's WhatsApp group were shared on social media.Those involved received expulsions, suspensions and other sanctions, according

Facial recognition to be used at Singapore airport

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters Image caption The trial means there are fewer visible airport staff Singapore's Changi airport is testing a facial recognition system it hopes will speed passengers through the facility.It is expanding existing uses of the smart ID system and is looking into ways it can replace passport checks.Reuters reports however, that proposals to use cameras mounted on lamp posts that scan faces to ID passengers has raised