Alfie Evans: When are parents denied the final say?

[ad_1] Image copyright PA Image caption Protesters tried to storm the Alder Hey hospital entrance The parents of 23-month-old Alfie Evans were embroiled in a lengthy legal challenge against the decision to prevent him from leaving the country for treatment.His death, almost a week after life support was withdrawn, raises painful questions around what happens when doctors and parents disagree about what's best for a child. The toddler had been

France’s protesters revive ghosts of 1968 revolt

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters Image caption Student protests 50 years on: echoes of Paris 1968 but on a smaller scale In France, protest is theatre. And as the half-centenary of May 1968 approaches, it looks like the props are out, the stage-set is getting the final touches, and the actors are once again learning their lines.The few last weeks have permitted certain souls to imagine that President Emmanuel Macron's France

Why you may have been eating insects your whole life

[ad_1] Image copyright Helen Soteriou Image caption All these products contain the natural food colouring carmine, which is made from an insect called cochineal If you are horrified by the thought of eating insects, the bad news is that you have probably done so many, many times.This is because one of the most widely used red food colourings - carmine - is made from crushed up bugs.The insects used to

Learning to speak Shakespeare like the actors do

[ad_1] Between them Stacey, 14, and Maleeha, 13, speak six languages - now they both speak Shakespeare as well.That's just as well, as the work of the 16th Century dramatist and poet forms as much as a quarter of the marks for some English GCSEs.To do well in this key exam, in which the results are crucial to schools, pupils need to become comfortable with the complex poetry of Elizabethan

Ethics debate as pig brains kept alive without a body

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters Image caption The scientists used pumps, heaters, and bags of artificial blood to restore circulation to the pig brains Researchers at Yale University have restored circulation to the brains of decapitated pigs, and kept the organs alive for several hours. Their aim is to develop a way of studying intact human brains in the lab for medical research.Although there is no evidence that the animals were

Political heroes: Emily Thornberry on Barbara Castle

[ad_1] Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionBarbara Castle role in UK politics and Labour history Emily Thornberry did not have to think long about her choice of political hero, Dame Barbara Castle was on a list of one.But what did cause some consternation for the shadow foreign secretary was when, the night before our interview, she mentioned her choice to her 24-year-old daughter, who had never heard

Sentinel tracks ships’ dirty emissions from orbit

[ad_1] Image caption Shipping lane: The Tropomi instrument detects a suite of gases including nitrogen dioxide The new EU satellite tasked with tracking dirty air has demonstrated how it will become a powerful tool to monitor emissions from shipping. Sentinel-5P was launched in October last year and this week completed its in-orbit commissioning phase. But already it is clear the satellite's data will be transformative. This latest image reveals the

Living with a child with Down’s syndrome

[ad_1] Image copyright Family photo Image caption Back row (L-R): Daniel, Emily and Mark Harris; Front (L-R): Kate and James "Living with a child with Down's syndrome is exactly the same as living with our children who don't."Life can be a little more colourful, it can be a bit slower, but it has all the joys of raising a child who doesn't have Down's syndrome."Kate and Mark Harris, from Barry

EU member states support near-total neonicotinoids ban

[ad_1] Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionCampaigners in Brussels celebrate the new ban Member states have voted in favour of an almost complete ban on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides across the EU.Scientific studies have long linked their use to the decline of honeybees, wild bees and other pollinators. The move represents a major extension of existing restrictions, in place since 2013.Manufacturers and some farming groups have