Rising levels of ‘frustration’ at UN climate stalemate

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Poorer nations are concerned that action on climate change is not fast enough to limit the impacts Old divisions between rich and poor over money and ambition are again threatening to limit progress in UN climate negotiations.Discussions between negotiators from nearly 200 countries have resumed in Germany, aiming to flesh out the rules on the Paris climate pact.But developing countries say they are

Genetic secrets of the rose revealed

[ad_1] Image copyright M Bendahmane Image caption There are about 200 types of rose Take time to smell the roses, the saying goes, and, according to scientists, the fragrant flowers could smell even sweeter in the future.For the first time researchers have deciphered the full genetic "book" of this most prized of plants.The secret history of the rose reveals surprises - it is more closely related to the strawberry than

Will paying more for alcohol and sugary drinks make us healthier?

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images A minimum price on alcohol is being introduced in Scotland, in a bid to cut problem drinking.It follows the introduction of a UK-wide sugar tax, as part of measures to tackle obesity. But does making unhealthy products more expensive persuade people to make "better" choices? And what are the trade-offs associated with doing so?Everybody will pay moreThe price increases being introduced could lead to significant

How your diet could influence the age of your menopause

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images A diet high in carbs could bring on an earlier menopause, a study suggests. Eating lots of pasta and rice was associated with reaching menopause one-and-a-half years earlier than the average age of women in the UK of 51.However, the University of Leeds study of 914 UK women, also found that a diet rich in oily fish and peas and beans may delay natural menopause.But

Drones to the rescue! – BBC News

[ad_1] Image copyright Ericsson Image caption Mobile operators say drones working with mobile networks will speed up emergency response Drones may be best known for taking impressive aerial videos and inspecting buildings, infrastructure and crops, but they also promise to improve mobile and internet connectivity for emergency services and consumers.Poor mobile signal in rural areas is frustrating, but it can also be life-threatening in emergency situations. Slow emergency response times

The people fighting pollution with plastic-free periods

[ad_1] Image caption Most widespread disposable menstrual products contain plastics that can't be recycled or reused Talking about periods openly can be difficult, and discussing menstrual waste can be even harder. While the fight against single-use plastics like straws and shopping bags has become a mainstream issue, activists and environmental groups say disposable menstrual products are part of the problem too.How many women actually know their tampons and pads may

WhatsApp boss and co-founder Jan Koum to quit

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Jan Koum co-founded WhatsApp in 2009 WhatsApp chief executive Jan Koum is to quit the popular messaging service he co-founded.In a post on Facebook, he said he was "taking some time off to do things I enjoy outside of technology".However, according to a Washington Post report earlier on Monday, Mr Koum had clashed with parent company Facebook over WhatsApp's strategy.He also objected to

Panasonic hit with $280m corruption fine

[ad_1] Image copyright AFP/Getty Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has agreed to pay more than $280m (£203m) to resolve charges brought under US anti-corruption law.The US said the firm's in-flight entertainment division hired consultants for "improper" purposes and concealed payments to sales agents in China and elsewhere in Asia.The US said the acts violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.Panasonic did not respond to a request for comment.The payments were made by