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#MenToo: Accuser obsessed with Karan Oberoi, wants to destroy him, says lawyer

During extensive arguments on actor Karan Oberoi’s bail plea on Wednesday, the defence counsel alleged that the woman who made rape allegations against him “was obsessive about him…” and by making baseless allegations wants “to destroy” him.

“She claims to be in love and then is thinking of getting help in destroying someone,” Oberoi’s lawyer Dinesh Tiwari argued before the sessions court while seeking bail.

He referred to “messages” allegedly exchanged between the two to argue that it was evident that the woman, an astrologer, had “a notion that she knew Oberoi from a previous birth and was destined to marry him in this life”. He said the actor was “fed up” of “her obsession” and denied her claims that he had ever promised to marry her.

Arguing that the woman didn’t want a committed relationship, Tiwari read out messages in which, he said, she purportedly talks about wanting to be in a physical relationship with Oberoi. “She says she doesn’t want any bondage or emotions. In his reply Oberoi refused, saying his mind was preoccupied with his career,” Tiwari said.

The lawyer said that in October 2018, Oberoi had submitted a non-cognizable (NC) complaint against the woman, alleging that she had threatened to get him in trouble if he didn’t meet him. He alleged that she had threatened to get him involved in a false case.

The defence also pointed out that Oberoi and the woman met on a popular app in August 2016 and said this “contradicted” her claims in the FIR that she wanted a serious relationship. “It is a dating app and not a matrimonial site. She claims in the FIR that she was interested in a serious relationship. If that was the case, she would not go on a dating app, but have registered on a matrimonial site,” Tiwari said. “This was a relationship between two grown up mature adults,” he said.

In the FIR, after mentioning rape and extortion, the woman suddenly talks about how she had repeatedly asked Oberoi about marriage, Tiwari said. “How is it conceivable that somebody who has been raped will fall in love with that person and how will the conversation about marriage come about?” he said. “She says that after six months, she started saying that if (Oberoi) wasn’t going to marry her, he should return her things. Is this the real conduct of a real victim?”

Tiwari also questioned the delay in the filing of the FIR and that while she mentions the first date, she doesn’t mention other dates of alleged rape, raising additional doubts about her version of events. “She makes these allegations as part of her fertile imagination,” said Tiwari, arguing that she gave Oberoi gifts because “she was in love with him… and had a notion that she was bound to marry him”. Tiwari said the woman had created a WhatsApp group to resolve issues relating to “love”.

Referring to the texts exchanged, Tiwari said the woman felt like she was “in one-sided love”. He said that every time the woman would “go away, she would come back again”.

The lawyer said the woman would flood Oberoi with messages, and when blocked, would use new numbers, including international ones, to get in touch with him. The arguments in the case will continue on Thursday.

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