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School bus driver suspended after Wadhurst pupils hurt

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The bus was travelling through the hamlet of Wallcrouch taking pupils home from college when it abruptly stopped

The driver of a school bus in East Sussex has been suspended after apparently braking so forcefully some pupils required medical attention.

Uplands Community College pupils were travelling home when one boy was reportedly thrown so heavily against the windscreen that he cracked it.

Pupils from the school in Wadhurst claimed the driver lost his temper when the stop button was repeatedly pushed.

The bus company, Hams Travel, said it would carry out a full investigation.

It happened in the hamlet of Wallcrouch as the bus driver was taking pupils home on Wednesday. The driver turned the bus around and returned to school immediately afterwards.

Passenger Olivia Howe recalled: “All of us flew forwards. Quite a lot of us were injured.

“There was a boy upstairs who got thrown into the front of the bus and cracked it, and then downstairs there was a pole broken because they were holding onto it and a lot of people fell over and hurt themselves.”

A statement from the school said it was aware of the incident and had immediately raised concerns with the relevant authorities.

Parents and carers had also been contacted to reassure them it was being followed up as “a matter of urgency”.

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