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To tackle drone menace, CISF to get tech used by US, Israel | India News

NEW DELHI: With regular sightings of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), often called drones, at various commercial airports over past few years posing a security challenge, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) will soon procure ‘integrated counter drone management system’ to neutralise drones at the range up to several kilometres without hampering flying operations.

Currently being used by Israel, France, the UK and the US, the system, also referred to as Anti-UAV Defence System, will not only detect, track and classify micro, mini and large drones but also disable and neutralise them.

The automated system, having a long-range radar surveillance, daylight cameras, infrared, target tracking software, radio frequency (RF) jammer system and other sophisticated controls, can shoot down a drone up to several kilometres or usurp its command, or jam its functions without disturbing air traffic.

“The technology can even identify if the object seen in the airspace near the airports is a drone or a bird. It can identify the manufacturer country of the drone from a distance and even fire at it without any human intervention,” director general of CISF Rajesh Ranjan told TOI.

CISF, the country’s leading aviation security force, which secures 60 airports, learned about the technology during the two-day International Civil Aviation Security seminar organised by it at Vigyan Bhawan, in which experts from 18 countries participated.

CISF has shown interest in a demonstration of the system and it will be procured after it clearing tests.

Ranjan added India’s civil aviation security standards are more or less at par with the developed nations with a mix of conventional frisking system and use of modern technology.

According to policy, all civilian drone operations will be restricted during day time and flying will be restricted within visual line of sight. The policy prevents drones from flying around certain restricted locations such as airports and near international borders.

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