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Children’s colourful mural erases Ynysangharad racist graffiti

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The children, aged between nine and 18, painted the mural over racist graffiti in the underpass

It was once covered in racist graffiti and crude markings.

But a grim underpass, marked with swastikas, has been transformed into a colourful tribute to Pontypridd’s heritage by a team of children using spray paint and their imaginations.

The children, aged from nine to 18, created the mural at Ynysangharad War Memorial Park with the help of local police.

Ch Supt Belinda Davies said it had “transformed it into a pleasant place”.

The mural was created by local children as part of the Graffiti Project youth scheme, which aimed to get the youngsters to create a piece of art which retained the park’s commemorative link to World War One.

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Media captionGraffiti covers racist marks in underpass

Julie Edwards, project manager for Ynysangharad War Memorial Park, said: “To have young people from the town be part of something that commemorates past generations has been so rewarding.

“The effort that they all put into this must be commended and I am sure that it will help the park become an even more iconic place for the town of Pontypridd.”

Work on the project, overseen by professional artist and Qute Pixel founder Tom Llewellyn, began earlier this year.

Supt Davies said: “The mural is beautiful and very eye-catching – today it is has been transformed into a pleasant place for everyone who uses the path, which runs through the park and into the centre of town”.

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