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Bernard Tomic: Tennis star in alleged drink spike nightmare

TENNIS star Bernard Tomic has been named as a potential witness in an alleged drink spiking nightmare in a Gold Coast club.

The Courier Mail reports the 25-year-old tennis player was inside The Bedroom nightclub when a Gold Coast woman was rushed to hospital.

Police are investigating allegations someone within Tomic’s entourage on the night ­may have been involved in the alleged incident. There is no suggestion Tomic was directly involved in the incident.

Paige McCarthy, 21, who used to work at the club was found passed out in a bathroom by a friend and staff called an ambulance.

Her mother Lee posted a warning on Facebook this week.

“WARNING: watch out for drink spiking. My daughter was drugged at a nightclub.”

Lee McCarthy said her daughter spent the night in hospital “virtually paralysed” and was visited by detectives the next day before she later gave a formal statement.

Her daughter was left “shaken and angry” after the incident.

“She wasn’t the only one [drugged]”, Lee wrote online. Since her first post the family had been told of several other alleged victims of Gold Coast drink spiking.

“We have had several girls msg us with info and similar stories which is helping.”

Paige McCarthy has given a statement to police after the alleged drink spiking.
Source: Supplied

She and her daughter were “110 per cent positive who did it” as they had spoken to another woman who was in the same booth as Ms McCarthy.

“The other girl was in hospital with Paige described being in the booth with the same person

Paige made her formal statement to the police this afternoon and they are taking it

very seriously,” Lee said.

She was flooded with messages of support by friends and strangers who hoped the person was caught and dragged before the courts.

“The police say it’s very hard to prove these cases has to be very clear footage of the drug being put in the drink and given to the person so have to wait-and-see. I also said a few cases have gone to court recently with drink spiking and none of them have ended up in a conviction.”

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The nightclub said it had handed CCTV and information to police and was “very concerned” by the incident.

Bedroom spokesman Matt Keegan told the Courier Mail that staff had combed the footage for clues as to what may have happened.

“Our review of her movements revealed no indication of drink-spiking by any third party in the venue,” he said.

“At this stage, unfortunately, we’re unable to comment much further, as it’s the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Bernard Tomic I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.
Bernard Tomic quit I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here after three days. Picture: Channel 10
Source: Channel 10
Paige McCarthy Image from Facebook
Paige McCarthy. Picture: Facebook
Source: Supplied

Tomic made headlines when he sensationally quit the I’m a Celebrity jungle after three nights on the show. He was labelled a “quitter” at the time but said he had “never felt this bad”.

“I don’t need this now. I’ve never felt this bad in my life. This is the jungle. It’s so different. Not what I expected. I need some peace. This is going to knock me around for a week, two weeks. I’m just not coping. It’s too risky. I don’t know if I can do it. I’d like to speak to someone,” he said.

Channel Ten came under fire for its treatment of the news after a psychologist said he never should have been cast in the first place.

“I thought by coming here it would make me a super happy person … I thought it would change me as soon as I got in,” Tomic said.

“I thought I’d be super happy, camping for the first time, being around new people … Half the time during the day, I’m just depressed,” he confessed.

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Bernard Tomic leaving the jungle on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!
Source: Channel 10

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